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Enlightened Coparenting

 Don't let conflict destroy your child's happiness or your own.


Learn to Promote Positive Self-Esteem In Children Post Divorce

Dr. Jodi Peary

Dr. Jodi Peary is a psychologist and former family law attorney who is a leading expert on relationships, divorce, and co-parenting. She has helped thousands of clients to begin living a good life and began creating courses in order to spread the benefits worldwide.

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The Enlightened CoParenting™ Course

Protecting children from emotional harm from divorce feels impossible. IT IS NOT! Enlightened Co-Parenting will help you build a healthy co-parenting foundation that makes working with an ex to raise happy, healthy children intuitive, not impossible.

Give Your Children a Happy Childhood

Get the Free Guide: Essential Tips to Move from High Conflict to Enlightened CoParenting, it will make the difference between getting by and emerging from divorce happy and whole.

"I first came to see Dr. Peary with the question of should I stay or should I go. She patiently, compassionately, and knowledgeably helped me to work through my options and put a plan in place that gave me peace of mind and hope for the future. I highly recommend her. "


"Dr. Peary told me she was creating the Enlightened CoParenting course but she was first sharing it with a small group as kind of a practice run. I literally couldn't talk to my ex at all. I asked Dr. Peary if I could be part of the small group to take the test-run of the course and she said Yes! The course gave me a totally new perspective on parenting that I would have loved to have had even if I never got divorced. It also got me out of my head and my anger and anxiety. I healed myself and my parenting. "


"Dr. Peary is so caring, kind, and easy to talk to. She cared about me and my kids and stayed by my side as I reached the parenting goals I set for myself. I recommend her to anyone seeking help with coparenting."


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At the Intersection of Law and Psychology, the Latest Advice, Research, and Strategies on Divorce, CoParenting, Transformation, And Building a New, Undeniably Good and Meaningful Life

Divorce Recovery Community

Before, during, and after divorce, the most important element of well-being is community and knowing you are not alone. Join the Private Divorce Recovery Community on Facebook.

Divorce Recovery Community

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I am here to support you in marriage, divorce, coparenting, and transformation..

My services and courses are designed to heal your heart and expand your mind. I am a psychologist. After years as a divorce lawyer and having gone through a divorce of my own, I got my PhD and returned to the intersection of relationships, law, and psychology. I am here to help in a way that lawyers alone or mental health professionals alone can't.

Divorce Coaching

Divorce impacts every area of our lives.  It is stressful, chaotic, and lonely. I can not take away your pain or disappointment. But, I will be by your side every step of the way to help you navigate the legal system,minimize the cost of divorce, and take steps to protect yourself financially and emotionally. We will use tools to conquer anxiety and fear, and draw a map for building a bright future for you and your children.

I will provide you with the knowledge and support to emerge from divorce happy and whole.

I need a divorce coach!

Enlightened CoParenting™

Create the life you have longed for while giving your children the childhood they deserve.

I developed Enlightened CoParenting™, an evidence based coparenting strategy so you can learn to coparent in a way that promotes healing for you and your child.

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